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He was so calm because his whole world changed and he was so young. Now he’s getting comfortable and being a puppy.
Never call a puppy to come to you for negative things. If he stole something, you should always go to him and trade him. Give him a toy or treat for getting your stuff back, even if he didn’t voluntarily give it up, yet.
When you call a puppy to come, it should always be a great party to come to you. Reward the “come” Before you make him sit, so he knows that he’s getting rewarded for coming (not for sitting). Sound very happy and always give treats (at least for the first couple months of training Come).
Do not try to pick him up in his heightened state or he will growl. Growls are good because he’s communicating that he needs space or doesn’t want to be picked up. Never punish or stop a dog from growling because if they lose their warning signal their next move is to bite. Try to redirect him to grab a toy. If he won’t engage with the toy, simply stand still and say nothing. Be boring until he stops nipping at you. Then praise him for not nipping at your pants.
Look up “flirt pole”. These are great to use outside (and inside) to have him grab onto something that’s his and also run off some energy.
I Highly recommend a positive reinforcement puppy class ASAP. Do not wait until more Unwanted behaviors emerge. He will be around other immunized puppies, so it’s quite safe. I’ve taught classes for 14 years and never had a puppy get sick from coming to class.
Make sure to immediately go outside with him after a short play session, so he doesn’t pee inside. It can take a couple months to be potty trained. You just got lucky in the first week to catch him before he had an accident. Do not leave food down either. If he doesn’t finish after 20 minutes, pick up bowl and put down at next meal.
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