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Muzzle training is a great idea for sure. It has the added bonus that you (and the vet/assistants) can be more relaxed because nobody's in danger of being bit, which may help your dog relax. Especially if 99.9% of his muzzle experiences are happy fun training sessions at home with lots of rewards.

Look up "cooperative care". Fenzi Dog Sports Academy regularly has classes on it, but there's also lots of useful free tips on sites like YouTube. The point is to teach your dog how to be more comfortable with handling and veterinary procedures by allowing it some control over the process. REALLY simplified version: if the dog learns that they can opt out of an uncomfortable thing, but will get rewarded for participating in the uncomfortable thing, they'll become much more relaxed and willing to cooperate over time. Even in situations where 'opting out' isn't possible (ie treating an injury).

I've been doing this on and off with grooming to some success.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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