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Fidget is a very excitable, happy, attention-seeking "lick you all over" puppy. When people come over we can't unglue her from them usually.


Certain people she acts weird around (our landlord, and my cousin in particular), and will growl and refuse to approach. I assume it's because of the way they approach her - my cousin kind of leans over her and tries to grab her if he can't get her to come to him. I am not thrilled when he does it...I think it just scares her since he's this big tall guy over 6 feet...we saw him today and of course he did the same thing - she tried to bite him (not hard) and she pooped herself when he went toward her.

I understand her acting like that around him since he obviously has the wrong idea about how to approach a dog... :doh:

I have noticed that when I take her out to pee/poo, if a person walks by (or even worse, a person walking another dog) she will stop what she is doing and all the fur from her head to her tail will raise up on end, her tail goes up, she goes stiff and she growls and if I don't correct her right away she will start barking as well.
I think she thinks that she is a guard dog...

On walks she is generally a little better, but she will growl at other dogs, and only some people. It depends on the person, some people she will go up to, tail wagging, acting all happy, but sometimes when I try to introduce her to someone she doesn't know outside, she will raise her hackles, growl and slowly and fearfully sniff/lick their hands. With most people she will realise at this point that they are 'ok' and she wags her tail and starts licking and going silly.

SO...How do I teach her that most people are okay and that she doesn't need to growl and act like that? Is there a command that you can teach a dog that lets them know if a certain person is "okay"? She sees a lot of people and I don't know why she still acts like that. Sometimes it's embarrassing.

PS: She HAS improved the last little while - in that she will usually not bark and spin around on the end of her leash like she used to. I can usually snap her out of it and tell her "off" or something like that and she will reluctantly obey.
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