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Gross thing my pup does

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Ok so I am in the process of potty training my daughter and some times Jackson (my pup) is in the bathroom with us. If I dont empty the potty seat quick enough he will go in there and begin to drink the pee.:eek: I never let him do it but he always trys to sneak a sip in. It is sooo gross. He always has water so its not like hes thirsty. What would make him do this? Its nasty! For now on He isnt alowed in the bathroom with us!
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I'm not quite sure why a puppy would want to drink urine from the toilet. lol! It's probably the same motivation that drives them to eat cat poo!

Not letting him in the bathroom, or making sure the lid is down is a good idea.
Yeah I agree. You must not restrict access to the bathroom. I guess he is curious with the pee? LOL
Curious or not is nasty lol
Well if it makes you feel any better urine is sterile! :lol:

My puppy has an obsession with jumping into the bathtub with me. And trying to drink the water! LOL!
Well if it makes you feel any better urine is sterile! :lol:
It's sterile to the person it came from. Not to others.
and its only sterile until it hits the air, potty, diaper etc etc....BUT that said, it probably won't hurt him, but yeah its gross lol, my chihuahua I had years ago used to eat dirty diapers. BLECH!!
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