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Gross City Hair

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Hello, fellow dog lovers! I have a Yorkie/Chihuahua mix and he never stays clean. He has white blonde hair and, after two days of long walks in the city, his fur is disgustingly black at places.

I've been told that giving him too many baths can irritate his skin, but what can I do about this problem? He's really a cutie underneath all that grime :/

Thank you!
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Yeah, my parents had a Belgium Shepherd whose feet were perpetually green and brown from our backyard.

Another question: Someone said that I could use Castile Soap on his paws in between washes. Good or bad? (here's a link)
I would not use any shampoo that is not specifically for pets. Too many variables, and with all the pet products out there, not worth risking an irritation IMO.
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