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I have a 9 month old mini schnauzer/shih tzu and it's been costing a total of $32 a month for the groomer....with a tip, it's $35. So, I've been searching amazon.com for grooming tools and would like your opinions on these. I've listed the links below AND my worries about grooming at home below that.

Here are the grooming supplies and tools I have in my "Missy's Wish List":







Now my concerns. She has lots of hair that grows in her ears....how would I handle that? What about cleaning out her ears...how to handle that? I've never tried to brush her teeth....she wouldn't let me get near them. What about that gland I've heard of that needs 'cleaning'?

Are there other concerns I should be aware of before buying these things? At $35 a month, I figured the cost of these would pay for themselves in a few months. I didn't get to take her last month because it just did not fit in my budget....AND the fact that I have to drive over 10 miles to this groomer. My only other option is PetCo....they charge $45 and I've not heard good things about them.....so she got a bath at home and she's getting comfortable with the scissors....I laid them down by her and let her sniff and look at them for a while. Then I just did a snip at a time over several days....praising her and giving her a small treat when she lets me do it, so I was thinking she would let me groom her.

Now....opinions and thoughts on this please. Does anyone else do this? What techniques to you use? How do you handle the concerns I have.....etc. Thanks.

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You will never be successful grooming her safely at home if you do not change your mindset. Its not about her "letting" you groom her. She needs grooming, and if you want to do it, you have to do it, and not let her take charge of your thoughts. She is a dog and its just a haircut. ;-) She has been groomed, so she knows the deal..it will be you and insecurity that you will have to overcome.

You will need at the very least:
Good clipper. The one is your link will not go thru body coat, and is only good for little things like eye corners, pads and maybe sanitary cut. I highly reccommend Andis Super 2 Speed clipper as the best and cheapest that will work for the whole dog.
Blades. A 30,10, and depending on the length you want to keep her, a 4,5,7 or the Wahl Stainless Steel attachments in the lengths you want her.
A greyhound comb
A slicker brush. My favorite is Tuffer than Tangles
A nail trimmer and/or dremel
A pair of 7-8 inch straight grooming shears. Curves would be helpful down the road too. NOT household or fabric shears, they are dangerous.
Hemostats. The hair in her ear canals must be plucked with these.
There are MANY other items that will be helpful, but te above are the bare minimum. You dont need to mess with the anal glands unless shemhas issues later in life with them, and usually if left alone, they rarely have issues. The grooming loop you have a link above to is for a grooming arm on a grooming table, which would be a very useful investment also, but the floor works for start. :)
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