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Grooming an English Springer Spaniel

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My puppy is born and I'm getting him May 23rd *woot*

Anyways. I was looking online for what to get for grooming and I found one site:

I wanted to get clippers, and brushes and stuff like that for him. But looking at that site, I don't want to go over the top in the shaving est.. He's not going to be a show dog, and I rather like that "natural" look to them when there not groomed like the show Springers.

Right now for "grooming" I have a tooth brush, tooth paste, nail clippers and an ear cleaner.

What is a must for grooming springers? I know you have to shave the hair on the inside of their ears, but what else should be done? What brushes/combs would you recommend?

And other suggestions on grooming?
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You kinda lost me at handstripping, carding, and debulking LOL. I guess I'll see once I have him and he grows a bit. What kinds of brushes would I need for him?
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