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Greyhound or Lab?

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I'm looking for my first (ever) dog, and put simply, my choice narrows to a rescued lab or a retired Greyhound. Both are great dogs, but I am tending towards the latter because of their "laidback" lifestyle and personality. But Labs do make it up with their affection and desire to please!
I live in an apartment and the dog will be alone for several hours. That's an advantage to the couch potatoes, but the Lab in question in an adult and "supposedly" calm...

What's the opinion of the wise folks of DogForums?
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I'm a HUGE greyhound fan. Some don't do so well being left alone for hours though, but there are SO many to choose from that you should be able to find one that is fine to be left alone. Greyhounds can be difficult to train, but they are just as affectionate as labs.
It also depends on how much exercise you're able to provide the dog. For the most part, labs need more exercise than greyhounds. But just because greys are usually "couch potatoes" doesn't mean they don't need daily structured exercise.
I'd go for the Grey provided the dog will not be allowed offleash. Incompatibility with cats/small dogs is an issue for some of them, but not for all. Don't know if that affects anything.

However, if you've found a Lab that fits your lifestyle, that would be fine too. There are some go-go-go- Greys, some laid back Labs. Its all in the individual. :) Good luck!
My parents had three retired greyhounds..they are very laid back and great dogs! Again, you must have them in a fenced area, or have them on a leash. But they rarely bark, so they would be good for an apartment. My parent's greyhounds got along with other dogs and with cats.
Maybe look at the more subtle differences between the two.

Generally, Labs are arguably easier to train than greyhounds. They are more willing to please and far more biddable off-leash. They have a lower prey drive and are more likely to get along with small animals. However, they do shed much more than the greyhound, and they need a lot more exercise, even as adults.

If shedding isn't a problem, and the dog is not going to be let off leash either way, I'd narrow it down to the exercise factor. How much exercise are you willing to provide? I'd say an adult Lab is going to need an hour of walking at least twice a day, possibly with a fetch game or two in between. If you can't provide that, then you have your answer.
Great posts!
Shedding/Leash/Moderate exercise is not a problem. It does seem to come down to lengthy exercise; couple of hours of dog-time a day is something I can't promise the dog in my current living situation.

From what I have seen of greyhounds on Youtube and at meet and greets, they seem to be in love with their beds/couches...arguably the laziest dogs around!. I wonder what their idea of party-time is.
Probably being taken to a large fenced area and allowed to sprint around off-leash for half an hour or so.
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