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Well, I figured I'd introduce myself. I hail from the state of Florida, originally and am a US serviceman (Navy) presently deployed to the Sandbox. I've got a very large spot in my heart for Canis Familiaris, man's best friend.

I grew up with a Golden Retriever as a boy (she died six days before I went through Navy recruit training) and we watched my cousin's Golden Retriver/Lab mix while she went through college. I presently own a Belgian Malinois (he's about 15 months old) named Ninja for his mask-like face. (I attached the picture).

My mom and dad are watching him while I'm deployed (he doesn't have a want of companionship with my family, he has my grandparents, parents, two of my uncles, and my cousins at my house). He is quite possibly the biggest mama's boy dog I've ever met. Mom is spoiling him rotten, just about, to include tucking him in at night with a blanket when we get our occasional freezes. The picture shows his response to mom asking him this: "Where's the cookie, Ninja?", to which he sits right in front of the pantry and looks cute.

Other dog breeds I'm fond of include: German Shepherds, Pitbull Terriers (American and AmStaff), Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, and Siberian Huskies.


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Welcome and those are cool dogs you like. Your Malinois is neat looking too, I've only seen one and he was a retired police dog at the kennel I used to work for. Anyway welcome and thank you for your service to our country. :)
That he is. We got him when he was three months old from a local breeder and he still trains over there with him when we get the time.
Welcome to the forum!
Thanks for the warm welcome all. My Mal's the first one I've ever owned (owned is a relative concept for Filipino households as dogs tend to become communal, he basically has my whole family and extended family as 'owners').
welcome, kinda late but ressurrected the thread because I saw we had a couple things in common, I'm in as well, and have a mal puppy (6months)

stay safe over there
Will do. Mals are great, but bear in mind they are quickly reactive, so be sure obedience training is a top priority.
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