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I am someone who has been around dogs my entire life and can read them quite well. My current dog, Winnie, is very intelligent and yet equally stubborn. Unfortunately, she looses all sense of rationality when she sees a cat which is something I can not seem to resolve, no matter how hard I try. She is also Aquaphobic (terrified of large bodies of water, rain also), claustrophobic (afraid of tiny spaces), and possibly Nyctophobic (she relies on her eyes more than most dogs and has shown herself to be fearful of people and things she can't visually identify). That last one is probably a result of the training I have given her since she was a puppy, I've given her lots of mirror time and practice tricks with her in front of mirrors. It is my hope that she can be the proof that dogs can indeed recognize themselves in mirrors and that they simply don't care about how they look.

She is constantly analyzing, trying to predict the movements of everyone around her, generally to find a way to force them to pay attention to her. Those who's movements she can't predict, such as those who have jerky movements, scare her.

She knows all the basic tricks (minus roll over), currently I'm trying to determine new tricks to teach her, I've have attempted to teach her to use tablets with very little success, I've taught her to respond to video chat but she won't react as strongly as if the person were actually there, she knows how to unlock and open doors (caught her trying to turn the bolt lock a few times, thankfully she does not do so much anymore), I've been attempting to teach her to make choices (mostly what treats she wants and where she wants to walk to, the latter is often met with indecision).

She also knows the word "car" quite well which depending on the circumstance could mean that she's going for a car ride or that there's a vehicle approaching her and she needs to get out of the road.

Something that makes her difficult, however, is that she has moments where she likes to pretend like she doesn't care when she really does such as ignoring my brother when he comes over to play with her and getting sad when he leaves. There was also a time she saw him with another dog, she looked like she was about to cry.

All that said, she's the most lively dog I've ever known
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