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Hello all

New to the forum today. I'm based in London.

I love all animals but have only ever owned a cat.

I am looking at getting a Pomeranian or a Pug.

Any tips on the breeds and which is better for me?

I'm young and active, work 4 days a week (my mum's around the corner in a house with very big garden, she is able to dog sit for me during the 4 working days as she is now retired). I live in a ground floor Victorian conversion flat with a fairly large garden and I'm very close to two parks that are suitable for dog walking.

I love Pugs and Pomeranians but wonder which would be most suited for me and what are the main differences?

Any advice would be appreciated, especially from Pug and Pomeranian owners.

Many thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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