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Greetings to all!

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My name is Chris from fayetteville NC, and my pups name is Kona, he's a 13wk old Rottweiler/Doberman mix
that I rescued from a woman that my spouse works with. Although he isn't what I was told he was he still melts my hart! Ive never had a mix breed before nor have I owned either one of these breeds. Not to say Im new to owning dogs but in fact have owned many of the so called bad(or mean scary ones that eat your kids, so ignorantly put) breeds in my past. I can just say this has been the easiest dog I've ever had the privilege to train. Hope to learn a lot and help teach other where I can...
Thanks for letting me join guys(and gals)!
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Hello and thank you, I will be moving to Fl before to long and was wondering if the salt in the air well have any affect on my pooch, any thoughts?
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