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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Markings

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I’m looking at greater swiss Mountain dog puppies.
One puppy has a small white blaze and only white on half of their muzzle.

The other has a blaze that is off centered and mostly on the left side of its face.

I’m wondering if someone can give some insight into how these markings might look like when they grow up.
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Really kind of hard to tell. I have a friend who's Australian Shepherd bitch had a blaze much like the puppy in the top photo when she was about the same age. As an adult, it doesn't look nearly as crooked as it did when she was a baby.

And in the long run, even if you are getting the pup as a show prospect, health and temperament are more important than markings, IMO, since both of them look like they meet the minimum requirements according to the standard.
Thank you for the insight - yes it will be a family pet so you’re defiantly right that temperament is the most important!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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