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Great WindChill Nanuck

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Well, the latest winter storm has a firm grip. Today and Tomorrow the wind chill will be in the -25F range. This storm delivered about 4 inches of snow on top of the previous 3 inches.

Taking my mini-schnauzer for a walk has become a task. Paw booties, polyfill vest, collar and leash for the dog. I don a Carhart hooded quilted artic coat, insulate cap with earflap and thinsulate gloves. Out we go to brave the artic blast.

My dog is reluctant to relieve himself in this cold or sinking chest deep in snow. Our walks need to be 30-45 minutes for him to completely empty, but neither of us desire the risk of frostbite. Normally, the walks are on a roughly 6-7 hour intervals. Now, in the Iowa artic blast, we go out every 2-3 hours for about 10-15 minutes. Sometimes he relieves, sometimes he doesn't.

Normally, his nose is very busy on walks and always on the ground. In this weather, he doesn't sniff, just jumps around on the leash and trying to stand on the icey sidewalks.

Anyone have outdoor walk suggestions to cope with -25F windchill so the dog will relieve?

I'm ready for Spring. C'MON APRIL!!
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I've lived in Wisconsin for a good chunk of my life, but I learned most if what I know about dressing for the winter elements during the ten years that I had a 116-pound black lab that absolutely required a six-mile walk every day.

People actually sent letters to the local paper complaining about my cruelty in walking my dog during sub-zero temps and high winds. We returned home from one of our treks to find a photographer and reporter waiting for us.

The cold didn't seem to phase that dog in the least, but I had to watch for the rock salt people sometimes used to try and melt sidewalk or street ice, and wash his feet thoroughly when we were done.

As he got older, I'd worry about him during the summer heat, but he always became a puppy again when we got our first snow. I think he went a long way toward shaping my own feelings about Wisconsin winters.

Knute, I didn't mean to hijack your thread, but it reminded me of how much I miss that dog.
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