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i am new here and was reading a post concerning great Pyr dog being aggressive and not safe. well let me tell you they are great dogs. here is a short story about one i had.

i don't know about other Great Pyrs but the one i had i owe my wife's life to. my wife had heart surg. and i work on a ship. surg went well and she was fine. i went to work and tried to contact her and could't i had my friend break into my home and he found her in bed. my dog let him in due to knowing him. but when the amb. team came he wouldn't had to put him out. we came to find out that for three days that dog carried my wife on his back
to the kitchen to get food and water. he never left her she is alive today due to that. sadly this year we had to put him down due to cancer. that was the hardest thing we ever did. they are a great bread and would tell anyone that. they do protect what is theirs and that means you and anything else on their property. i just can't say enough about him. was the best. been almost a year now but it still hurts even writing this about him. by the way his name was STORM.
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