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Great Dane Breeder

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(Please let me know if this isn't ok to ask)
I was looking for Great Dane breeders in Washington, Oregon, or California, I am located in Oregon but I would be fine with going to any of the mentioned states. I found a breeder located in washington and they sound like a responsible breeder except for the fact the non cropped pups can go home at 7 weeks which i know 8 weeks is preferred.. (Im pretty sure i would do cropped but is this a warning sign that maybe i shouldnt go through them?) They are active in the breed, they own a Dane education program. They are on the directory from Great Dane Club Of America. They keep in contact with you. They do health testing and seem responsible to me but the 7 week thing is just a bit strange. (I'm not sure if I am allowed to link the breeder, I will link the breeder in this thread if i'm told its ok)
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Go ahead and post that link. You'll get some opinions about whether they are legit.

Releasing the pups at seven weeks if a definite red flag. In many states it is illegal. In states where it is legal it's still a very bad idea.
daynakingreatdanes.com here you go!
I dont see OFA's on site, but Im too lazy to check the datatbase.

from first glance, looks good. but I wouldn't buy from them, since they sell puppies so young
Other than sending uncropped pups home at seven weeks, I'm not seeing any major red flags. And even that is an "eh"... Although staying with their dam and littermates until they are a bit older is preferred these days, lots of pups go home as young as six weeks (that used to be the norm), and it's perfectly legal in large swaths of the country. I can definitely understand sending cropped pups home later, to make sure their ears are healing properly, and so that new owners don't have to deal with the immediate aftercare.

I'm too lazy to check the OFA website for their dogs, so I would make sure that they have health testing results in hand.

I also want to add that uncropped ears are perfectly acceptable in Danes, and are described in the breed standard.

Here is the ofa's from the dam that Daynakin recently bred. They seem to have a lot of dogs in the ofa database. It seem like they arent doing as much health testing on the dam as they should, I believe they should be doing eyes, cardiac, hips, and thyroid testing. I think im going to try to find another breeder. It is quite weird that they are on the GDCA directory even though they dont do appropriate testing... But I may be wrong. Would all the health tests come up in ofa? I think i will go to a show one day and talk to some breeders (once covid is hopefully over)
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These are the CHIC requirements, which are set by the breed club.

  • Hip Dysplasia
    (One of the following)
    OFA Evaluation
    PennHIP Evaluation
  • Eye Examination
    Eye Examination by a boarded ACVO Ophthalmologist
  • Autoimmune thyroiditis
    OFA evaluation from an approved laboratory
  • Cardiac Evaluation (One of the following)
    Advanced Cardiac Exam. Exam must include an ECHO
    Congenital Cardiac Exam by board certified cardiologist. Exam must include an ECHO
    Basic Cardiac Exam by board certified cardiologist. Exam must include an ECHO
A CHIC number doesn't necessarily man that the dog has passed all the tests, just that they've had all the tests.

This is the GDCA Breeder COE, that member breeders agree to abide by: Code of Ethics While it recommends testing, it doesn't require it.
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