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Grain Hair in Armpits

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I'm surrounded by grain fields. When the grain is ripening, the grain hairs
become brittle and sharp. When the dogs run in the fields, this grain hair sticks
like crazy in their armpits. Their pits are raw even by the time we get
home. I use the Hands On Gloves to get as much off as possible but it's
very time consuming especially with 3 dogs. It's impossible to get it all off.
Clip the hair short? Or is there a cream that would help?
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I am not familiar with that specific problem but for general burrs and stickers, I suggest horse products. There are sprays for horses leg feathering and for tails that might work and most horse grooming products are safe for dogs. Show Sheen would be a starting place for product research.
Thank you Shell. :)
I phoned their breeders and they agreed with your advice.
They said to use a detangler like Show Sheen to loosen the
grain hair, brush it out with a soft bristle cat brush and then
apply a thin coat of cream. The pit hair should be clipped to about
1/2 an inch, but no shorter.
My vet is making a cream and I'll pick it up today.
I'll stop in at the UFA (farm store) to see if
they carry Show Sheen or an equivalent.
Only about a month and half of this nonsense until the grain is cut. sigh
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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