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Grain Free - Picky Guy

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Hi All-
Would appreciate your input on good grain free food and where to find. We’re pretty certain our GR has allergies. He’s also super picky so we’ve had a hard time finding a food he’ll dig into. Thanks! 😁
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While a dog can certainly be sensitive to food ingredients, true food allergies in dogs are rare. While you can do testing (which may or may not be accurate), the tried and true way to figure out exactly what they are allergic to is a strict elimination diet. To do that, you feed either a single protein and carbohydrate diet, or else a prescription hydrolyzed protein diet until your dog isn't showing any signs of a reaction, and then start reintroducing a single protein or carbohydrate at a time.

Environmental allergies are way more common, and can be darned hard to pin down. Again, testing may or may not yield accurate results. My GSD has allergies to something, and has been on Apoquel for the past three years or so with good results.

Since your dog's a Golden, I would be leery of feeding a grain-free food, since they have been implicated in incidences of food-related dilated cardiomyopathy in Goldens. A grain-inclusive limited ingredient diet with only one or two protein and carbohydrate sources might be a better option.
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