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Grace: Her Teenage Time

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At eight months, Grace is looking like a real dog now but still a puppy brain. Some recent photos.

On a recent boat trip in her dad's chair.

"Helping" her mom with the garden.

Just enjoying the sunshine in the back yard. At least the dandelions in the grass are photogenic.

Today on our walk in the local state park with the blooming wildflowers. I look at this picture and think, where did my puppy go?

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Beautiful pictures! She looks like she's helped you before in the garden, by the looks of the watering can - lol! I especially love the last photo!!
Wow - what a gorgeous dog. She looks in great shape.
Wow she is pretty! I would definitely frame that last picture.
She looks so much like the GSP I grew up with. I love those amber eyes.
She is just so beautiful ... she puts me in awe every single time I see a photo of her ....... :)
Thanks for the comments, folks. She has grown into a pretty girl. Yes she has definately helped with the garden many times and the watering can shows the wear and tear. The grass between the spigot and the flower garden is well watered. The last photo will definately get printed and framed. Tomorrow she's eight months old. Looks so serious now in photos to still be such a goof.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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