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got problems getting my dog to eat

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my dogs from a shelter, i got him in november. he ate really well for the first month maybe a bit more. i noticed hes like scared of the food bowl, its a stainless steel one, so i switched to a ceramic one still scared, i switched to wax paper....still scared. hes scared if im moving it, when it stops moving he comes to it but just sniffs it and than sits and doesnt want to eat. i have to almost bribe him to eat. ive tried dif dog foods, even canned. i did a dry/ can mix meal and that worked for a good couple months. now its straight cans and he still doesnt really want it i have to hand feed it. and than i switched to cooked food (chicken beef prok) ate it for a while and now i have to feed to him by hand. whats wrong? why doesnt he want to eat. ive also tried cottage cheese, USED to work. whats wrong?
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he does love to eat grass, if that says anything. also hes been to the vet for checkups but when they asked me if i had any problems feeding i just said he was picky because that all it was, now its when its bad, but he does eat pretty good when he WANTS to, i got a feeling its just being picky. i used to switch dog foods like i would feed brand 1 in the morning and brand 2 at night. i think if i noticed alot of weight loss ill take him to the vet maybe they cant help me out with something to increase his appatite. he ate pretty good this morning...no food bowl...just a plate.
i exercise him everyday, he gets spring pole for like 15-20 mins a day, jogs a mile everday, sometimes ill let him sprint pulling me on my bike for the mile. hes a very active dog, the bad thing is i dont feed him premium kibble, its expensive. i know you can feed less if you feed premium, but my parents think hell get really hungry during the day because of the little amount of food. i know my dog probably could care less about that but than it comes back to the high price of the food. hey..atleast hes getting real meat now, boiled chicken, beefs stuff like that.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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