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got problems getting my dog to eat

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my dogs from a shelter, i got him in november. he ate really well for the first month maybe a bit more. i noticed hes like scared of the food bowl, its a stainless steel one, so i switched to a ceramic one still scared, i switched to wax paper....still scared. hes scared if im moving it, when it stops moving he comes to it but just sniffs it and than sits and doesnt want to eat. i have to almost bribe him to eat. ive tried dif dog foods, even canned. i did a dry/ can mix meal and that worked for a good couple months. now its straight cans and he still doesnt really want it i have to hand feed it. and than i switched to cooked food (chicken beef prok) ate it for a while and now i have to feed to him by hand. whats wrong? why doesnt he want to eat. ive also tried cottage cheese, USED to work. whats wrong?
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My frankenpup is very fearful of the strangest things. There really is no figuring in the human sense. Timid about the silliest things and yet like a lion at others. When he first came to me he would approach the food bowl like he thought it was going to attack him and still does to a certain extent.

The best that I can figure..he used to be an "always" collared dog and the sound of the tags and the dish threw him for a loop. Not just metal on metal..or metal on ceramic..sometimes just the whiff of something against something is enough to send him.

After a number of years that he's been with me..he's still fearful. Someone simply walking by is enough to put him off his food. I'm not sure if he will ever be "cured". The best that I can do for him..as well as the others..is to provide a safe and secure environment for them to feed. In my mind..being consistent so the dog always knows what to expect is important and helps to alleviate the "fear" factor.

Good luck in finding a happy feeding ground.
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