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Got My Dog Shaved and Now He Won't Touch the Floor

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I have a small Maltese, about 10 pounds and 1.5 years old. I just got him shaved down because he had a small amount of hair mats. And now he's acting a little strange. Before, he would love to run around the house and play with his toys. And now, all he does is lay in his beds and sleep. The response is only when he's on harder floors and not carpet. He acts perfectly normal on carpet, but once we put him on hardwood floors , he runs for his beds or jumps on couches. I'm hoping that the only reason that he's acting this way is because he doesn't have any fur/misses his fur, and he substitutes the bed and carpet like it's his fur. I'm a little worried because he doesn't warn us when he needs to be taken out or if he's hungry or thirsty. I try to make a little passage way with towels and blankets to his water and wherever I am, and it seems to work wonders. Even if i put a treat on the floors he just stares at it and doesn't move or anything. Any help/advice is appreciated! :decision:
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He feels weird without his fur. He'll get better.

From now on, brush him every day to prevent matting. A full shave isn't best for a dog, and prevention is key.
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