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I got the e-mail finally after about a week and a half of waiting for a response to the FDA reports. Does this sound like there going to drop Diamond Food Manufacturing:

I apologize for my delay in replay as we have been a bit inundated with
emails and phone calls. With that said, I will try answer your questions.

Almost all pet food companies, even those that do own some production
facilities use co-manufacturers. Diamond is one of several
co-manufacturers that Natural Balance partners with across the country.
This means each co-manufacturers produce select formulas, which have been
developed by Natural Balance veterinarians and nutritionists. Diamond uses
the approved formulas and premium quality ingredients that Natural Balance
has developed.

Please know that, Diamond has already made several changes in their
manufacturing processes. One of the most important steps Diamond has taken
is to hire one of the top microbiologists in the country and together they

· Instituted a ³test & hold² program,
· Changed Biological Procedures,
· Improved Environmental Testing,
· Changed Product Testing

We test every lot of our products for 9 known contaminants including
Salmonella under our "Test and Hold" program. This means that product is
held and not released for sale until all the tests for those lots come
back negative. We then enter the data into our website so that our
customer can view the passing results for each and every lot at
http://bwc.naturalbalanceinc.com <http://bwc.naturalbalanceinc.com/>/.
Please review the video on that page that describes our lab and testing.

I would be happy to discuss this further with you and can be reached at
the toll free number listed below. Or if it is better for you, I can call
you. Just email me with your phone number and best time to contact you.

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I don't think they are going to stop using Diamond, imo. I always used to recommend their LIDs to people with dogs that have allergy/intolerance issues but now I'm not, of course. I was also feeding their Alpha line of dry food and even though it is made by CJ Foods in Kansas and not Diamond I have recently switched my dogs to Acana duck & pear. I just don't feel comfortable with a company that used Diamond anymore. What makes me the most uncomfortable is that those LIDs are usually fed to dogs with compromised immune systems and I would think that Natural Balance would be running fast away from Diamond. So....I've ranted enough. Until NB wakes up and lets Diamond loose I won't be feeding or recommending it anymore.

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I had read somewhere that Diamond hired a microbiologist and was implementing new things to avoid mishaps like this recall from happening again. I think its a little to late. They can do all the improvements they want and make changes and do more sanitations and what not but what are the chances that another recall will happen again or worse? At this point, I'm thinking of either choosing Fromm, Pinnacle or some other brand that has never gotten a recall. I wrote to Fromm and Pinnacle and they verified that they have never had a recall.

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It doesn't sound like they are dropping diamond to me since they go out of their way to explain that many pet food companies use someone else to make the food that they formulate. To me that tells me they are trying to justify that they do outsource out to someone else to make their food. They continue with explaining the changes that Diamond has made since the recall. That statement alone tells me they are trying to win you back as a customer while they continue to use diamond. IMHO

Then the last part gets me. IF they check every single "LOT" of their products before they are sold. Do they have an office/lab in the town there the plants are to test their food, or are they shipped to their lab? If they tested then they wouldn't have a problem and wouldn't have to do a recall right? If it was tested then they could say it was safe and why. So why do a voluntary recall if they have proof it was safe.
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