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Hi! I just got a puppy who is a border collie/ Labrodor mix name is Reon. He is just 8 weeks old and I've had him for about five days now.
He only turned 8 weeks yesterday, an unfortunate instance of a friends sister not doing her homework and realizing six weeks is too early to get a puppy especially when you're not a trainer and it was either I take him or he gets dropped off at a shelter.
I grew up training dogs but only around 7-8 months or older since my mother was a dog trainer and never really experienced puppies. I don't mind house breaking or starting with a brand new puppy and I love my dog dearly and he's catching on very well for someone so young.
I was curious about exercise if anyone has had this mix before or a collie or lab, a lot of people recommend 5 minutes for every month of age up to twice a day but Reon has a lot of energy and I know Collies are very energetic dogs not to mention intelligent and easily bored.
How much exercise would you recommend to make sure he's getting enough and does anyone have any mental exercises/games they would recommend that a puppy can figure out? I don't want him to get frustrated if he can't get it and be more stubborn towards games in the future.
I work from home so having a puppy is no problem to keep an eye on and we are working on crate training so he's prepared for any circumstances.
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