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Goomer has it?

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when is the new season of "groomer has it" on in 2009 and does anyone watch it here?
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The new season premieres April 11th on Animal Planet. I know a couple of the groomers on it this year. I can't wait to see how it goes, but I know who I am rooting for..;)
Thanks for the date! I will be watching.

What did yall think of the judges last year?
I think the judges, (aside from Joey Villiani) know nothing about grooming, and really have no respectable input in most cases. I don't like Xavier at all...pompous and rude and knows nothing about everyday grooming..His online bio doesn't even talk about dogs, but instead about him trying to become an actor....And the vet...again, knows as much about grooming as I do about spaying and neutering a dog. I just don't think they are qualified to judge a GROOMING show..but its those same judges again this season. The info and previews are up on the Animal Planet website.
I saw some previews for this the other day. Is it fun to watch?

Graco--it's cool that you know some of them. Why aren't YOU on there? :p

Its "entertaining" I suppose...most groomers were horrified watching last season. They are a quite unreal situations, and ridiculous time constraints, etc. so last season was hard for me to really enjoy, cause I just kept thinking about how terrible it was..LOL

And thats why I am not on there...LOL That and I can't take off work and close up for over 6 weeks....though a nice long vacation in CA does sound nice! LOL One groomer on the show lives just 15 minutes from me, and we have refered dogs to each other since she started up a few years ago out here. She has also judged me numerous times in my competitions. I am pulling for her to win!
I don't like their new guest "celebrity" judges this season...if they are going to bring on guest judges I think they should at least know something about grooming a dog...otherwise, it just doesn't make any sense why they are a judge :confused:
Amen. Why on earth would they bring on a playboy bunny or whatever she's called as a "guest" judge? Boy, doesn't that add alot of credibility to the show and to professional groomers in general? Just shows what a joke the show is really. Its too bad, cause alot could be done with a reality grooming show to teach pet owners things, to showcase good grooming and care of the pets, etc. Instead its just a circus.
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