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Goomer has it?

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when is the new season of "groomer has it" on in 2009 and does anyone watch it here?
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They don't need to just give great cuts, they need to show they're well rounded in dealing with dogs in general, which is why they have tests like grooming uncooperative/aggressive dogs, puppies, specific breeds etc. They have a professional groomer to judge the cuts, a veterinary to judge how they handled the dog in ways appropriate for their health/breed, a guest judge tailored for each challenge (Publisher of magazines they are competing to be in, a trainer for difficult dog episodes, etc) and considering the fact it IS a reality show, a judge to be a jerk. It makes good TV.
see, that sounds good on paper, but its not executed well at all. the vet for example, comes across as a vet that groomers would hate (graco knows, the one who tells groomers what their job is, and what they should be doing to the dogs). Last season, she was going off during one episode about getting water in the dogs ears. i felt like screaming through the whole episode. she finally shut up when joey told her that a professional groomer should be able to bath a dog without getting water in its ears (and without running to the cotton everytime). I cant recall Xavier saying anything remotely intelligent about grooming (besides the dog looking good or bad). if the vet and xavier stuck to what they know (being a vet and dog handler), then it would be ok. but they insist on acting like they know as much as joey. i'm sure the contestants know more about grooming than either of those judges.

philovance, you bring up a good point, and a valid reason for why i dont really like this show. to me, it allows people to think of groomers as miracle workers. all they show are these groomers getting dogs that are "so matted", completing them in 1-2 hours, and the dogs looking perfect. customers everywhere will be wondering why their groomer cant do that to their matted shih tzu that hasnt been groomed in 6 months. it would be nice if someone said something about the regular upkeep of the dogs. my old boss who breeds standard poodles out here in socal was actually contacted last season to see if they could use her dogs. they actually said the dogs could not be groomed in any way for a month prior to shooting. im sure the other dog owners are told the same thing.

***I put "so matted" in quotes b/c honestly, not many of these dogs have been in that bad of shape. I groomed a samoyed with at least a bowl full of hair that had poop all over it a week ago, no dog on this show has ever been that bad. i laugh every time a groomer says "i got the most matted one", um no you didnt, i did, and i do every day. the only dog to ever really be in bad shape was the dog Artist groomed at the shelter last season.

do people really love artist that much? i forgot about him till i heard about the new show. i actually know a breeder who was filmed for the show (he went out to her property and "groomed" her dogs). according to them, he isnt actually a real groomer, more of a glorified bather. they did say he was nice though
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