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Goomer has it?

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when is the new season of "groomer has it" on in 2009 and does anyone watch it here?
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Re: Goomer has it? (Groomer has it?)

This is a show I watch only for dogs (grooming consumer not pro) and from that standpoint they are really not the dogs' friend. Out of the four groomers "clipped" so far, two were guilty of allowing the dog to be seriously nicked or shaved and so were justifiably disqualified. That's what the lady doc from LA is there for, to attest to "no animals were harmed," etc.

But the producers repeatedly exploit abused dogs in the challenges: in only three episodes they've brought in St. Bernards who were not only seriously matted but had numerous soiled mats. Then they groomed standard poodles "unconventionally," which was not only ugly but involved cutting shapes into the coat down to the skin. Last week they brought in "poodle mixes" (like labradoodles) who were in equally bad shape to the St. Bernards and the girl who got sent home lost because in attempting to deal with this neglect rushed and nicked the dog.

I thought America's Greatest Dog offended the dignity of canines but this is really kind of sick, like Queer Eye For the Straight Guy (from which Groomer host Jai came) picking up homeless people to "make over." The very least they should be doing is telling the audience straight up: "Grooming is essential to the health and well-being of many different breeds of dogs and you shouldn't ever allow your pet to get into this condition. Bringing your dog in for regular bathing and grooming can prevent years of pain and medical expense."

I expect more from Artis in Beverly Hills Groomer when it debuts mid-May. But I'll probably be disappointed. At least it looks like Artis' pet shih-tzu is featured and he should be well taken care of.
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