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Goomer has it?

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when is the new season of "groomer has it" on in 2009 and does anyone watch it here?
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I believe it starts in April. I enjoyed the first season, but mainly because I am a reality tv addict in general. I have no drama in my own life so I relish it on tv.

Artist Knox is also having his own spin-off show starting soon.
Thanks for the date! I will be watching.

What did yall think of the judges last year?
My sentiments exactly.

I still get kinda ticked when I think about the puppy episode.
How is it a level playing field....when one groomer gets a puppy pom, and one groomer gets a puppy Great Pyr....and tangled to boot! I felt so bad for that guy. I would've cried like a baby on tv too.
Last week was not a grooming competition. It was a speed dematting competition, IMO, which is irresponsible, dangerous, and inhumane.
(PS> Maybe the reason for a vet being a judge was to help balance the vote between cosmetic priorities and animal care?)

I think that was the original intention, but unfortunatly she doesn't deliver. She is the worst of them, imo.
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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