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Usually our five month old border collie/shepherd (????) mix loves to hang out in the living room and play.

However, usually starting around twilight and lasting through bedtime she won't hang out there for more than a few minutes. She'll get up and start walking around the dining room and the kitchen, usually looking in the corners for food and other interesting bits, and especially stopping when she finds a bug!

This behavior extends to her wanting to go outside even if she doesn't have to potty. Once we're out, she sniffs and looks around and pulls on the leash, intent on going after whatever potential prey she smells/sees (which is funny, because she's pretty timid in general). She generally doesn't have this problem earlier in the day. It's just out, potty, then in.

This is particularly frustrating because she's still being housetrained (we just adopted her a couple of weeks ago), so we have to follow her around. I don't want to confine her to the living room in case she really does need to go out to potty, and us spending our evenings sitting in the foyer by the door isn't ideal either.

Should I be crating her when she does this? If she really has that much energy, is putting her in a crate where she can't burn it off really that good of an idea? Certainly she hasn't minded going in the times we've done it.

We play with her and take her on walks, but that doesn't diminish this urge she has - and even when we play with her, she soon abandons us to go on the prowl.

I was thinking maybe she needs some kind of toy that will fulfill whatever desire she's trying to satiate with this behavior... any suggestions?

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