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Good Shiba Inu breeder in Los Angeles area?

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Does anybody know a good breeder in this area? I already locked up the sticky but couldn't find anything.
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You may want to try going to a few shows and meeting some of the breeders in person. Jack Bradshaw is the show superintendent for the so-cal area. To see what shows are scheduled just go to thier website and click "shows"; from there you can get directions to the shows and see the judging program to find out when and how many Shibas are in the show. There's a 4 day show at the LA fairplex in pomona this weekend. Looks like there's 14 dogs entered on Sat and 11 on Sun, which is quite a good turn out for Shibas. There's also shows in Pasedena and Chula Vista comming up.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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