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good recipes for stafford mix?

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i have an eight month old stafford mix, currently on a fresh food diet by ollie. i got a trial, then a full order, and quickly realized how out-of-budget it is. i was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for homemade recipes as a replacement. i've also looked at some instant pot recipes such as this:

any feedback would be appreciated (things i should add/take away), or any references to other recipes! thanks again!
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Most dogs don't need grain-free, just like most humans don't need gluten-free. It's kind of a fad.

Conversely, there are some established (though not completely understood) links between grain-free foods and canine heart disease. My own vet has had some experience with this in her practice and, at her urging, I switched to grain-inclusive kibbles about a year ago for my two dogs. Like LeoRose, I feed ProPlan, because it works for them. Results may vary.
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