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good recipes for stafford mix?

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i have an eight month old stafford mix, currently on a fresh food diet by ollie. i got a trial, then a full order, and quickly realized how out-of-budget it is. i was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for homemade recipes as a replacement. i've also looked at some instant pot recipes such as this:

any feedback would be appreciated (things i should add/take away), or any references to other recipes! thanks again!
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is there a brand you recommend for stafford mix? he’s also got a bit of lab and pyrenees. i’ve fed him taste of the wild, blue buffalo, canidae, and merrick, both canned and dry. i think he’s been most happy with canidae and merrick. i’ve also been confused about whether to feed him grain free or grain inclusive like ancient grains, as there seems to be conflicting information on that.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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