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good recipes for stafford mix?

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i have an eight month old stafford mix, currently on a fresh food diet by ollie. i got a trial, then a full order, and quickly realized how out-of-budget it is. i was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for homemade recipes as a replacement. i've also looked at some instant pot recipes such as this:

any feedback would be appreciated (things i should add/take away), or any references to other recipes! thanks again!
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Any reason behind not just using a good quality dry dog food? Balanced nutrition, reasonable costs, many options for types of proteins or grains etc.
Most dogs do very well on a standard commercial dry food diet.

Home cooked diets can be quite good but they also can be difficult to get the nutrient balance correct for things like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium snd other vital minerals

If you want a more homecooked diet, a good option can be a base mix from someplace like The Honest Kitchen or Sojos or Grandma Lucys which you simply add meat to the mix, like ground beef.
There isn't really a food for specific breed type connection. Large and giant breed puppies should be fed a food suitable for large and giant breed puppies while they are growing because they have specific mineral balance needs.
I think Dalmations have some specific nutrient needs as well.

Otherwise, just pick a good food or two that your dog likes and does well on. Does well meaning no signs of allergies or itching, no digestive upset, keeps a healthy weight.

I am not a fan of Blue Buffalo but the other three foods you listed are just fine IMO.

I would feed a dry food, grain inclusive (just plain old grain like rice or barley are just fine) and use canned food as a treat
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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