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Buster did just fine on his walk tonight. A little nervous at first but he overcame that within the first block. The only aggressive dog we ran into tonight had an owner smart enough to know his dog doesnt play well with others. While my boy is usually fine with anyone he meets, I am very thankful for the owners that are willing to admit their dog has some trouble meeting and greeting.

The real "trouble" came about 1/2 way through our walk. We walk through a school playground for the sights and sounds of kids playing and having a good time. We walked around a corner right into a group of kids. Kids are one of the few areas Im struggling, manners go right out the window. He loves people (even the mailman!)...but ADORES kids.

Heading home we bumped into a neighbor with his 12 year old female Lab, Shadow. Buster had no issues with her. They see each other from a distance daily but this was only the 2nd time they've been allowed to greet each other. She's a very patient, gentle old girl that Ive had the pleasure of knowing for just over 5 years. Shadow and male Lab, Palmer, were key in helping my girls over come their fear of dogs during the last couple years.
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