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Good news, bad news, worse news, good news.

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The good news is that my daughter and I got our furbaby, Luna. She is just over 8 weeks old and she is an Australian Shepherd. I'll get pictures up soon, but you will all be jealous!! LOL She is gorgeous!

Bad news, her breeder had a family emergency and had to leave town, so we got her earlier than I would have preferred, she was only 7 weeks when we brought her home. I do have a friend that bought a littermate, though and we get them together often.

Worse news, my daddy died very unexpectedly 5 days after I got her (last Wednesday 7/8), and she hasn't had the dedication she has deserved. She has been fed, played with, walked and loved, but not the way I want to. The funeral is now over, however, and things should get to as normal as possible again now. My dad did get to meet her as he was out of the hospital for one day before he went back in and shortly thereafter passed away. He was my friend, my hero, and the only father figure my daughter had. I miss him so much. (Sorry for veering off topic there.)

Good news, Luna is a dream. Sure, she is a puppy and nips, yipes, whines and other annoying puppy stuff, but she is so great. I mean, my sisters have been taking turns sleeping over so we are all together during this time, and they keep forgetting there is a puppy in the house. She has had only 2 accidents and both of those were, of course, my fault. She already sits on command about 75% of the times asked, and she has been "herding" all of the family kids in the yard. LOL My daughter is totally stepping up to the plate in helping with her, even as she grieves. I think it was meant to be that Luna come to us early to help us through this time of sorrow. She is so fun and keeps us busy and our spirits up. I am so glad I have her. :D
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