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Good Dog Suddenly Mis-Behaving

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Hi Folks,

I'm new to this forum. We own a 3 year old Chihuahua named Petey that I love more than any other dog I've ever owned. He is an indoor dog and I spoil him rotten.

We go camping a lot and always take Petey with us in the RV. Recently we went to a destination that did not allow pets, so we had to leave him at home. My son's girlfriend, whom Petey loves, stayed in our home and dog-sat for us.

When we returned, she reported that Petey on more than one occasion went potty #2 in the house. He has a spotless record of only going outside, so this surprised me. I chalked it up to him being upset about being left behind.

Here we are now some 3 weeks later, and Petey continues to go #2 in the house. He does it out in the open, today, right in front of me. Each time I scold him and place him outside for a while, but this is not working. My youngest son told me that Petey's favorite toy is also missing.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Hi...welcome to the forum:)

I'm not an expert but it sounds to me like he's holding a grudge because you left him.

Try and pinpoint what is going on right before he goes -- you said he's doing it in front of you. Maybe there will be a hint of the reason.

dogs honestly don't hold grudges, however it could be that your dog was traumatized and is now attention seeking. You see as with kids, ANY attention is better than no attention. So, I suggest that you not scold him as it's a kind of reward, instead, go back to housebreaking 101. Feed on a schedule, take out to potty on schedule and reward HEAVILY when he potties outside.outside also suggest you start a good NILIF program, look in the training forum for more information, I'd post the link but I'm on my iPhone right now and can't do the cut and paste
I'd bet the dog-sitter didn't watch closely enough, and now there is a smell leftover that he can smell and he thinks it's okay to potty there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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