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Good Class for Us Tonight

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Bayley had her 2nd Beg Obed and Beg Agility classes tonight. Now I did use her prong on her in the obedience class and it really helped. Didn't need to do much in the line of corrections but since she does tend to be a bit hmmm, I guess you could say independent, it helps me alot. Probably helps my confidence so that translates to her, even if I don't correct her. From my riding days, it's kind of like if you have a horse that has a mind of it's own and I did, then sometimes a tap with the crop is all you need to say hey, we're working you listen. I never carried a crop regularly but there was the odd time when it came in handy. She focussed alot better and this was with more dogs in the class, including a few very noisy Shepherds who weren't there last week. I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm doing a halfway decent job with my dog.

She had an absolute blast in her agility class...my dog has a thing for tunnels! We were working off leash and she spotted the tunnel..zoom in one end and then she did it at least 4 times before she settled enough to come back to me. Any agility courses with just tunnels?!?! I'm thinking I'm going to put a tunnel on the teeter!! She did the teeter 3 times, it's a practice teeter so it's very low and nice and wide. After the 3rd time she'd had enough of that. Ah well it will come. This was towards the end of the class and she was losing her focus and getting tired.

It's funny, there's one dog in the class; a hound and this dog will just not settle for his people. Always pulling, never quiet, seems to not pay any attention to his people. When they take him for walks, he's like a freight train. So the trainer decided, for the heck of it, let's try a prong on him. Well, first the dog didn't know quite what to do. He's so used to pulling, it was quite an adjustment for him. The trainer didn't make any corrections, the hound did it all himself but it worked nicely, a little drama from the dog.

Now I suppose some could say that the dog was shutting down but I didn't see any signs of it. He was much more attentive and actually managed a few very nice sits. Earlier in the class, he was constantly up and pulling and jumping up. I have a feeling now his people will be much more willing to take him for walks and he'll get more fun time and exercise.

Oh and during the agility class, one of the other dogs had an attack of the zoomies..heheh it's not just my dog who's a kookie puppy. Bayley was soo good and stayed in a sit, no barking or growling. (no prong) I'm sure if I let her she'd have joined in.

Ok I guess I'm done now..sorry so long..oh and the trainer told me that I have a very cool dog :) Pretty neat compliment I think. Of course he told me to keep really working on getting her to focus and listen to me.
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From my own personnal observations and understanding, for most, the means do not always justify the end in using a prong collar /correction based training and for every success story there are dozens or more that end in failure in terms of a diminished relationship when considering fear,trust,spirit,and respect. From what I read in highly established scientific studies and testimonials that are the mainstream of views in todays evolution in understanding and establishing a more healthy and less aversive manner in which to interact with our dogs the negative backlash behaviors that are most likely created using prong collars and positive punishment often are overlooked or not taken into consideration especially when considering the long term. Just as waterboarding has been spot lighted for all that it is and is not so too has the so called traditional based correction training concepts.

Just my own opinion and concern as I have had such heartaches in dealing with rescue dogs that have been subjected to the use of prong and choke collars. I am happy you found success/value in your approach.
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I agree with you sometimes a prong collar is the only option. Case in point we have a fragile older lady in our club. She always had a Bernese Mountain Dog. Well her old guy passed away and she got a new puppy. By the time he was 10 wks old he was already 15-20lbs. He could pull his poor Mom over by 6 months! She ended up using a prong collar. No more pulling. She could walk him. And continue his training without worrying that she would get injured. It is a tool that if used wisely works, if used improperly is torture.
I agree. With Bayley, Dave (trainer) was concerned with the way she gets pulling, she could do damage to her neck. I use the prong, she doesn't pull or starts and goes OH! When she stops and comes back she gets tons of praise and she quickly figures that it's not worth it to pull and then I have a much more attentive dog. More attentive, then more praise and goodies and a happy Mom, rather than one that is always nagging, which she is very good at tuning out.
So glad you had two great classes! I bet Bayley was worn out!! How old is she?

We've had good luck with the prong too, only in obedience class though (never agility - flat collars are dangerous enough!). Hopefully will be able to wean them off of it soon. It's also the only way I can walk them both together right now!
I am proud of you taking your dog to Obedience class. Stay with it and advance to the advance Obedience class after you are done with the basic class.What a difference the advance class makes. Also a good instructor helps a lot also. I would like to try to enter the ring this summer if I am ready???? I sure enjoy the training and do stay with it. Wish you and your dog the best.
Now that I found a trainer I like, we're definately staying with him. He used to compete in obedience but is a judge now and of course a trainer. Last night he said by the end of the 8 weeks we'll have all our dogs off-leash in a group down/stay. I'm celebrating after that one :) And off leash heeling..so looking forward to that.

I took Bayley's prong off for agility and she just had her flat collar and tab leash on. She just turned 3 and yes, she is a tired puppy after classes. But it's nice Wednesday is our stay at home and veg day. Tomorrow we're going to go practice. Hope I can convince her the teeter isn't going to jump up and bite her on the butt!!
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