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Youre not listening. Do you liked to be hugged ? Yes but only when you are happy about it and when its comfortable. If someone suddenly ran up to you while you were busy and hugged you, your first reation would be to pull away, if they continued you would resist harder thats excatly what your pup is doing.

He is telling you he doesnt like it.
What is the issue with the car? Is he car sick? Maybe you need to get him more happy about the getting in the car while its just standing still make a game, get in, get a treat, get out repeat unti, hes happy with it..
The fact you have two other doodles makes no difference to this one he is his own unique self and he is telling you no in the only way he knows how.

Dont compare him to the others treat him as a compleatly new dog listen to him find the method that suits him, the ouch in a loud voice that many advocate didnt wortk with my pup so walking away and ignoring him stopped his biting of my hands.
As regards the children instead of training the dog to put up with their unwanted attention train the kids to respect the dog and only pet when the dog comes to them..
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