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Golden retriever puppy eyes

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We have a 4 month old golden retriever puppy who has had eyes like this since we collected him at 9 weeks. His lower lid is very droopy, they water and his third eye lid is permanently out which as you can see covers a lot of his eye and is irritated. He doesn’t get any discharge and never runs his eyes so doesn’t seem to cause him discomfort. We took him to the vets a week after collecting him as we were concerned they diagnosed him with Ectropian, a couple of weeks later we took him to the specialist to have the surgery but he refused to touch him as he said he didn’t have it. He told us he thinks his skin is loose and he will grow in to it. We are not convinced and are not happy with his eyes. We would like a second opinion from the vets but wanted to ask people’s advice first
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All I can say is that I have seen countless dogs with droopy lower lids, sometimes even moreso and they are completely fine. For example breeds like bassets or most hound breeds, and mastiffs.
Absolutely go for a second opinion, especially if the eyes seem irritated.
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