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The sweetest dog I ever met was 10 years ago and it was a Golden Retriever & Havanese Mix. I have known for 10 years that this is the dog mix I wanted but have not been in a position to welcome a dog to our family until now, and several hours on google have taught me that this is not a common mix! I had no idea how impossible it would be to find a breeder of this mix and would love some direction. I grew up with goldens and love them but not the shedding. I know most combos are a poodle mix but for now I would rather try to find this Havanese mix. Any help is very very much appreciated! Thank you!

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It's very dangerous to assume that, if you are able to find this mix, that it will be anything like the dog you met 10 years ago - either in terms of personality or appearance. Mixed breeds are a crap--shoot (or a box of chocolates.) You can never be sure what you'll get.

I have a rescue who is poodle, chihuahua. Maltese, havanese and Boston terrier. (I only know this because we did an Embark DNA test.) He looks nothing like any of these and, in terms of behavior, I was dead certain he was a Jack Russel mix until we did the DNA test.

It will be also very difficult to find a "good" breeder of mixed breeds. The best breeders strive to maintain or improve breed standards, do health-testing for genetic anomalies, and typically compete in various arenas for show or field work. You can't maintain breed standards for a mix because it is not a breed. There are no standards.

I wish you the best of luck in your search, but I'd hate for you to end up deeply disappointed.
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