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Going on a trip:

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Well, I just wanted to tell everyone "goodbye"... Because I'm going on a trip! lol!

It was kind of spur of the moment but the family and I are packing up and driving 10 hours to Arkansas to visit my Grandmother. It oughta be fun, two adults, two children, and Donnie packed into a 2006 Honda Civic! lmao!

So yes, Donatello is coming along for the ride... He hasn't met my Grandmother, and my grandmother has a 9 year old Shih-Tzu, so that oughta be interesting! I bought him a muzzle, just in case... He does well with my step-mother's dogs and have never snapped at them, but this dog is old and I don't want to take any chances, so if things go well, I can take it off.

He's all packed, and I'm not sure if he senses we're going somewhere or not...

But anywho... This will be the last time I get to chat with any of you all until Sunday night... I'll take as many pictures as I can of Donatello's first roadtrip!

Have a wonderful Friday and a fantastic weekend!
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I'm home... I got home last night, but was too pooped to upload any pictures or even check my email.

The trip was a blast and Donatello was amazing! I was worried about him, but he laid on my lap the entire time, he either slept or just laid down and looked out the window... He waited patiently for us to stop where he could pee/poo, he would drink a few swallows of water but was too excited to drink or eat much.

When we got there we checked into a hotel, and then went to visit my grandmother... He did so well at both places! He and my grandmother's dog weren't friends by any means, but she's an old grouch, and he's possessive of me and his(my) bag that has his food in it... But he didn't have to wear the muzzle I bought, which was good...

He got to run loose in a field for a few minutes, and burn off some energy, but it didn't take long and he was zonked on my grandmother's sofa next to me...

Even on the trip home he was a doll! He was better than my sisters! lol! That's saying a lot...

Well, when I get the time I'll upload the few pictures I have.
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