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My dad passed away in Feb 95. In Mar 95, my mom had her mother w/Alzheimers move in w/her. At the time she had an elderly Shih tsu that my dad had bought her as an anniversary gift 12 yrs before. In June 95 he died. My grandmother was really a handful, and was combative and turned VERY mean verbally towards my mom (This was my grandmother who was the sweetest, best grandmother EVER, but the disease changed her). My mom kept saying she didn't want another dog because of how difficult her life was then. But by Oct she was saying how much she missed not having a dog. So my 3 brothers and I all pitched in and bought her a Lhasa puppy for her XMas present.

I got Simba here in Texas when he was 4 moths old. Knowing that my mom was traveling between FL and NH, twice a year, I crate trained him, so it would be easy to travel with him. I flew home to FL on Christmas eve and surprised her with this little fluffball wearing a Santa hat. My Mom instantly fell in love. He was sleeping in her bed within 3 days. He loved to bury treats on her couch, so much so that he wore off the black on his nose once trying to "bury" a treat on a Courdoroy type couch.

Simba became her constant companion, reading her moods, and coming to sit by her when he knew my mom was upset, or my grandmother was having a bad day. When my oldest brother died in 97, Simba gave my mom a reason to go for walks to clear her head. When my grandmother died in 98, Simba was there for her. He seemed to know when my mom needed to have him come sit beside her, and nuzzle her hand. He had a weird habit of doing a "nibble, nibble" thing to her pant legs (like nursing almost). Mom soon got in the habit of coming home and putting on her "nibble" pants so Simba could do that without ruining her pants (It would put weird creases in them.)

We used to joke that my Dad came back as Simba, because he would chase planes. If he saw one fly over, he'd run out to the back patio and race along barking at it...My dad was a Delta pilot, lol. Simba also LOVED steamed clams dipped in butter...like my dad. One day my mom was telling my Uncle (dad's brother about him (dad coming back as the dog)), and Simba proceeded to walk to the center of the room and sit down and start licking himself. My uncle was quick to blurt out "Roger! Stop that!"

Simba LOVED women. He was always so happy when my mom and her 2 lady friends got together. He would sit and watch them talk, and when they'd all laugh at something he would join in going "Whoooo, Whoooo, Whooo".

He loved going to the bank where he would get a "Bank Cookie" (Milk bone). He'd carry it in his mouth all the way home in the car.

Simba loved all other dogs. Simba was wonderful for the groomer and was always complimented on his behavior.

Unfortunately he had bladder crystals over the years and had 4 bladder surgeries. Then he was diagnosed w/diabetes 3 yrs ago. He was getting shots twice a day. He never had an accident in the house until recently when he went blind, and his hind end was getting weaker.

My mom finally made the decision to help him over the Rainbow Bridge today. He was no longer eating hardly anything, and had started having seizures about 3 weeks ago (had 3 in 3 weeks). Vet agreed it was time. He passed peacefully with my mom at his side today. He will be cremated, and when my mom evntually passes, will be placed in her coffin with her as she requested.

RIP Simba...you were just what my mom needed, and were one in a million.
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