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Go/Now Dog Kibble?????

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Hi...I posted yesterday but no replies. Just wondering if anyone has any feedback on this food.

Go by Petcurean

Now by Petcurean :wave:
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Back when I was still feeding kibble occasionally NOW! grain-free was one of my favs - and I rotated through a lot of the 'higher' quality brands but seemed to have the best results with rotating and occasionally mixing NOW! grain-free, Fromm's grain free, and one of the Acana all life stages grain-free formulas. If I for some reason had to feed my dogs kibble again, it would definitely be one of those three.
Oh I also used NV instincts occasionally too, I like that it is potato-free, the dogs did well on it too, I'm not sure but I guess there's some issue's with them now with recalls and what not though.
PackMomma - your dogs are beautiful :)
Thank you :)
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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