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Gizmo was attacked.

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We just got home from the e-vet.. My little Gizmo was attacked by our neighbor's pitbull in our front yard. He has four stitches, and one of those super cute e-collars..:rolleyes: The owner was really compliant and paid for everything, sat at the e-vet for hours with us..and so on.. but I don't know if I should have done more. We've photographed the wound..but do I need to file a report with animal control? I didn't because she was so compliant, and I don't want anything done to her dog..
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i, too, like the letter idea, but i would keep out any "judgemental" stuff such as the last 2 lines....i'm sure this neighbour already feels bad enuff or they wouldn't have been so compliant....

maybe, rather than a letter, talk to them in person and then the conversation can go from there.....
It's not about being judgemental - it's about making sure there's a written record of what happened without getting animal control involved. Making the neighbor sign/initial an affadavit is probably not a good way to keep things civil; a letter recounting the event, with no return letter disputing it, implies they accept the events as written.
no, i meant the last 2 lines of the letter itself....sorry, i guess it's just one line, from "i would not feel comfortable..." to "on you own property"....that, to me, would be a bit on the antagonistic side (but maybe that's just me)...it's a 1st time incident (i'm assuming) and the woman was definitely upset herself...she reacted quickly and assumed reponsibility w/out being asked.....
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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