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Gizmo was attacked.

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We just got home from the e-vet.. My little Gizmo was attacked by our neighbor's pitbull in our front yard. He has four stitches, and one of those super cute e-collars..:rolleyes: The owner was really compliant and paid for everything, sat at the e-vet for hours with us..and so on.. but I don't know if I should have done more. We've photographed the wound..but do I need to file a report with animal control? I didn't because she was so compliant, and I don't want anything done to her dog..
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Kind of depends.

Did she learn her lesson from being irresponsible? (especially with this breed, we don't need more of them, but that is besides the point) Will she keep the dog leashed/contained for potty. Or will she continue to repeat the same mistake until it happens next time and maybe someone does call animal control. Gizmo could have been killed if it had gone just a little differently. In the situation where she took responsibility and learned from her lesson I wouldn't feel the need to report it to animal control.

If she doesn't still care to be more responsible and will still let the dog run loose I would report it to animal control. Even though she did the right thing that really doesn't matter if she won't change. Because had you called AC right away more then likely she would have had to pay and if not you have a good case to win in court.

So I suppose talk to her like CP said, I really would have done that to begin with if you haven't. It could be Gizmo again next time as you never know. Or some other dog could be killed by her dog. If you do see the dog out again loose call AC and most certainly report what happened. I hate that it is a Pit Bull because we don't need more reports of them attacking other dogs but the Pit could easily do the same thing again (dog of any breed could), nothing good will come of the owner being irresponsible.
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