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Gizmo was attacked.

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We just got home from the e-vet.. My little Gizmo was attacked by our neighbor's pitbull in our front yard. He has four stitches, and one of those super cute e-collars..:rolleyes: The owner was really compliant and paid for everything, sat at the e-vet for hours with us..and so on.. but I don't know if I should have done more. We've photographed the wound..but do I need to file a report with animal control? I didn't because she was so compliant, and I don't want anything done to her dog..
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I guess it would depend on what kind of relationship you have with your neighbor. If you're comfortable in talking to them about the incident, to find out what kind of assurances they will make to prevent it form happening again, I'd do that to preserve the neighborly vibe. If not, ask a neighbor to do it. If not then, report the incident to animal control. Animal control should approach them either by letter or in person to tell them the incident was reported anonymously.
I think this is reasonable and probably how we would handle it.

Hope little Gizmo heals up quickly.
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