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Gizmo was attacked.

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We just got home from the e-vet.. My little Gizmo was attacked by our neighbor's pitbull in our front yard. He has four stitches, and one of those super cute e-collars..:rolleyes: The owner was really compliant and paid for everything, sat at the e-vet for hours with us..and so on.. but I don't know if I should have done more. We've photographed the wound..but do I need to file a report with animal control? I didn't because she was so compliant, and I don't want anything done to her dog..
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I would write them a letter/email or even talk to them
Dear so and so..
"thank you for being so compliant about the incident, it was very nice of you to wait with us and come with us to the vets, but id like to talk about how we can make sure it never happens again.
I love my dogs very much, and If this ever happens again, We might not be so lucky.
Please, keep your dog on a leash and under control when hes outside, or build a fence around your front yard, it would ensure that something like this never happens again. I would not feel comfortable living next door with your dog allowed to be off leash in your front yard, please remember that my dog was the one leashed and on our own property.

thank you,
____________ "

or something like that

I like this idea.
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