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Every morning I let my dog out in the yard while I get ready for work.
and every morning she brings me another Rock from the backyard .
She walks over to me kinda slowly ,and wags her tail ,and then drops a rock near , or on my foot.

Ever since she was a small puppy she would constantly pick up Rocks..and I would say .."No!" "Gimmie" she would release the rock
and I would say "Good Girl"
Apparently there was a miscommunication between us.
I was trying to tell her..
"Not to pick up rocks.. and that she was good for giving them to me"
She thought I was telling her..
"She was good for bringing me rocks."

So I kinda give up , and when she brings me Rocks, I just say "Thanks..Thats a nice rock..Good girl"

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That is awesome! Miscommunication but very cute!!!
Caeda HAS to have something in her mouth to greet us at the door when either of us comes home. She is well aware that shoes and slippers are off limits, but the only time she'll put one in her mouth is if there isn't a ball or kong close enough to have in her mouth when we walk through the door.
I love doggy gifts, I'd be thrilled if Caeda brought us rocks (rather than grabbing sticks and shredding them on the front deck).
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