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My GF's family knows that I'm all about dog training and they ask to see if I could teach their dog to go into the dog house. Somehow or another, this dog has learned that it's dangerous to step into the dog house. He also sometimes has issues when the floor changes.

The first day I slapped on the leash and led him to it. He wouldn't get within 3 feet of it before putting on the brakes. To make it easy I took the roof off and I did some target training and he eventually got to sniffing the insides without actually stepping in it. Good progress, but he wasn't putting his foot in it.

The next day we continued with the target stuff and in the end I busted out a chunk of Tgiving turkey and held it at the other end. He eventually took one step in it. Click-treat, yay! It was the breakthrough I was looking for, to take a step in it. I had to bust out the heavy artillery to get it, but it happened.

So what's next? How do other people teach dogs who are fearful of going onto weird surfaces/places?
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