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Getting Weiner Dog to not cry in the car

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Any tips on how to get a weiner dog to not cry in the car? I take him hiking because it seems to be his favorite thing in the world, but he cries the entire ride there and back in the car.

Part of me says, maybe he doesn't like riding in a car so much that I shouldn't take him, but on the other hand he never seems happier than when he's hiking.

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The dog equivalent of "Are we there yet?"....over and over again. And, you get the reverse on the way home...."Turn around!...Lets go back!" Sorry, not even Jean Donaldson, one of the better known behaviorists, could solve this problem with her own dogs (much to her chagrin).
Maybe you could try tossing treats and praising during the lapses in the whines to teach the dog that not whining is a good thing?
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